NZSCTA Coaching Announcement - 2019 Regional Workshops, Qualification Re validation & More!

Coaching Qualifications and Development – 2019 Outlook


A review of our coaching development (bronze and silver) delivery model has taken place over the last 12 months between New Zealand Swim Coaches and Teachers Association Inc. (NZSCTA) and Swimming New Zealand (SNZ). The outcome of these discussions has led us to the conclusion we need to first change the delivery model of our courses, and secondly the course content. The goal of both NZSCTA and SNZ is to provide world class opportunities for our coaching community, and we think we have a great base of great coaches.


We will be endeavouring to make these changes in a two-step process, the first will be rolled out in 2019 and will be focusing on updating our delivery model. While this takes place, we will be reviewing the content of our courses to ensure we are getting world-class information through to our coaches.


In our first step, we will be providing the following changes:


Regional Workshops

In 2019 we will be rolling out Regional Workshops, that contain components of Bronze and Silver coaching courses (here). This gives our coaches the opportunity to attend in their own region, before eventually completing the remainder of the course at the annual NZSCTA conference. We see this as a great chance for coaches to get together and collaborate, learn and develop.


The calendar for the regional roll out is here.

Ø  Those starting a Bronze or Silver accreditation,  fees will be $620 Bronze (4 monthly payments of $155) and Silver $820 (4 monthly payments of $205) all fees are GST inclusive, and includes your conference registration.  NZSCTA will invoice once you have signed up to your course.

Ø  Revalidation attendance fees $100 (GST Inclusive) per Regional workshop. 


You will be able to sign up for Regional, Bronze and Silver Accreditation shortly.  Look out for the sign-up form and course venues on the front page of the website (here).


Revalidation Period


To ensure that we keep up to date with the world, and to bring our coaches together more often, we will be introducing a 3-year coaching qualification period. Every 3 years coaching qualifications will need to be renewed using a points system. It can be noted that it is mandatory for coaches to attend 1 annual NZSCTA conference and 2 regional workshops over this 3-year period. The revalidation period will be from 1 July to 30 June annually.


The current points system for revalidation is attached. Cost to be confirmed later this year.


Coach Mentorship Programme

As part of our regional workshop roll-out, we will be inviting mentor coaches to be present (where possible) to add an extra element to the learning and development process.


Link with ASCA

Thanks to Horst Miehe and John Leonard, the opportunity to be a member of ASCA (American Swim Coaches Association) at a cost of $15US, is now available.  You will be eligible to access a lot of online information, which will be valuable to Coaches. Our goal is to have this integrated into our membership fee in the future, as an option (you don’t have to do it), but for the time being, please complete the attached form and return to and we will invoice accordingly. 


A note for those with old coaching qualifications

To ensure consistency across our new model, we are now asking for all coaches with a prior learning qualification (e.g. Level 1, 2 or 3) to apply for a conversion free of charge for the remainder of 2018. As of 1st January 2019, an administration fee of $50 will be charged to do this transfer. Please be aware that you will not have access to pool deck, nor will you be able to be chosen for national teams without an updated qualification. The forms attached should be completed and returned to prior to 1 January.


Payment - Monthly Instalments


NZSCTA is endeavouring to change its application and payment method to an online system in 2019, and as such we are also updating our payment methods. We will be introducing a monthly payment plan for those wishing to sit their Bronze and Silver qualification, rather than the lump sum of past.


Time payment for Conference will now also be available.  All information regarding Conference will be available shortly.






Henrietta Latham
(on behalf of the NZSCTA Board)

Executive Officer, NZSCTA

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M:  027 502 1854