Congratulations and Good Luck to the NZ Representatives heading to the Australian Age Group Championships 2017

On Friday the 3rd of March, Swimming New Zealand announced the team to compete at the 2017 Georgina Hope Foundation Australian Age Group Championships.

The 24 strong team will compete at the Brisbane Aquatic Centre, Queensland from 16-23 April.

The NZSCTA Board and members wish to acknowledge and congratulate the following coaches who have been appointed to the team:

Gary Hurring - Swimming NZ (Head Coach)

Franke Tourelle - Swim Zone Racing

Matt Teokotai-White - Hillcrest Swimming Club

Ben Close - Selwyn Swimming Club (NZSCTA Supernumerary Coach)

The NZSCTA Board has approved funding from their professional development budget for the NSCTA Supernumerary Coach, Ben Close. This scholarship allows coaches to gain valuable experience and improve their knowledge of high performance coaching at international meets.

As part of the scholarship Ben will be providing a post meet report for the NZSCTA members as well as presenting at the 2017 NZSCTA Conference.

We also wish to acknowledge the personal coaches of athletes, who have gained selection, for their commitment and work. Congratulations to you all.

The team is;

Andrew Jeffcoat (Fairfield)                                                                        Coach: Ken Nixon

Annabell Simpson, Ciara Smith (Northwave)                                           Coach: Monica Cooper

Bianca Donnelly (Rotorua)                                                                        Coach: Alastair Johnson

Chelsey Edwards (SwimZone Racing)                                                      Coach: Frank Tourelle

Ellie Eastwood, Gina Galloway, Madeline Falconer (United)                    Coach: Igor Polianski

Finn Kennard-Campbell, Sungji Kim, Jason Curches (North Shore)        Coach: Thomas Ansorg

Gina McCarthy (Hillcrest)                                                                           Coach: Matt Teokotai-White

Hannah Bates (Selwyn)                                                                              Coach: Ben Close

Kiana Swain, Tavarnya Howe, Zachary Dell (Pukekohe)                           Coach: Sue Cheyne

Lochlainn O’Connor (Greerton)                                                                 Coach: Tai Daniela

Michael Pickett, Olivia Corrin (Enterprise)                                                Coach: Gary Martin

Mya Rasmussen (Kiwi West)                                                                      Coach: Andrew Nicholls

Sasha Reid (Aquabladz)                                                                             Coach: Sue Southgate

Thomas Watkins (Capital)                                                                          Coach: Gary Hollywood

Tristan Eiselen (Otumoetai)                                                                        Coach: Mike Lee

Tyron Henry (HPK)                                                                                      Coach: Paul Dowey