NZSCTA is proud to partner with, and recommend, Links Modular Solutions as its preferred software system.

Links Modular Solutions is a multi-faceted software system that provides the swim, fitness and leisure industry with a complete package from POS to turnstiles to online solutions. See below for more specific details:

    Links’ easy to use software has all aspects of your business covered. Links is scalable to both small and large organizations through single and multi-location features.  With a few simple clicks, staff members can quickly create a new member contract, set up payment, find available program and class times, make a reservation, generate an invoice or track customer history.

    • Save valuable administration time
    • Easy for staff to adopt
    • Customer marketing services
    • Dual platform – desktop and customer interface
    • Track all key events in your business
    • Great for any sized business

    Integrated access control technology to manage customer and employee use of your facility. Access can be controlled using traditional bar codesorcontactless smart chip (RFID) technology.

    • 24/7 access control
    • Change room gender security
    • Reduce labour costs
    • Increase non dues revenue / secondary spend
    • Gain accurate attendance and usage data

    The features of LinksPlus can provide your business with additional modules and capabilities to enhance the features of LinksCore. The modules of LinksPlus will decrease staff hours, increase your business efficiency and cash flow. The web modules also help to decrease usage of paper forms, and can allow your team to focus on improving the business, not just working within your business


    The consult module allows for accurate and detailed recording of your fitness assessments. From standard measurement and BMI recording to goal setting and lifestyle questions, you can utilise this module to decrease paper usage and provide this information to your customers electronically, both through PDF reports and online with Active Carrot.


    The ClassWeb and MemWeb modules allow for online sales of student bookings and memberships. You can allow customers to join your centre at any time of day or night. With secure payments, you don’t need to follow up payment or have customers wait at your reception to join your centre.


    Active Carrot works with and complements Links to provide members a portal for their healthy lifestyle.  Members of Active Carrot are able to log onto the website to track their progress, communicate with their trainer at their facility, purchase facility memberships and stock, log their workouts and make purchases online utilizing their accumulated discounts.


    Links is compatible with any PC-EFTPOS ready EFTPOS serial terminals. Transaction amounts are automatically carried to the EFTPOS terminal decreasing both staff data entry and providing 100% accuracy.


    Links offers a variety of finance integration tools. This application can export files in a variety of formats for easy upload to finance packages, decreasing data entry and improving accuracy.


    Member retention is an ever increasing challenge for health clubs, as is the increasing obesity rate an issue nationally.  Active Carrot creates the opportunity for people to live a better life by rewarding their efforts in fitness, health and an improved lifestyle. We reward individuals by providing valuable products and services in exchange for loyal attendance and utilization of facilities at participating venues. The program has been designed to create maximum benefits for suppliers, clubs and their members for taking part.

    In conjunction with Active Carrot, the e-blast and retention modules cater for automatic electronic follow up, and systemized in person contacts including appointment bookings and reminders.